About Nicola Baker


My name is Nicola and I live in the North East of England in a place called Durham. It’s a lovely city, but what has struck me over the years is that all of the shops are the same and what they sell is generally the same. That’s why over the past ten years I started to make more and more of my own pieces of art – it’s just lovely to have something different in your home. So, initially from making things for my own house, I started to sell my work in shops and galleries. Now that can be pretty limited to just where you live so I feel why can’t anyone, no matter where in the world have some lovely pieces of art, whether that be a gorgeous individual hand poured candle, to handmade paper bowls and some fabulous mixed media pictures for your home or as a beautiful gift?

Each piece is individually made with a mixture of love, care, passion and high quality materials to bring you your own piece of art by HANDMADE by NICOLA BAKER.

Please contact me if you have any questions about what I am selling or visit my ETSY shop by clicking HERE.

Thanks, Nicola.


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