What Makes Us Different?

Well, lots of things I hear you say, but in terms of our creativity what actually makes us different? Tanner Christensen in his insightful blog Creative Something states that ideas on the whole aren’t rare. That’s true as reading his post on What Ideas are Worth has lead me to writing this blog post. Tanner believes “Ideas aren’t worth anything. It’s what we do when we notice an idea that matters”. On the whole I tend to agree, as in general conversations with friends and family, ideas could be talked about. These don’t need to be anything massive, they could be about getting a great deal on something. In general not everyone involved in that conversation will act on what was discussed. Some may go about their daily lives as though that conversation has never taken place, it will be filed away in their brain, as to them it may not be that important. However, for one or two people that idea may have sparked something. For whatever reason it has struck a chord. It isn’t going to be filled away, for they are going to do something about it. The same applies to creativity. Having a great idea about a new technique you want to experiment with it, even experimenting with it isn’t enough. It’s about how you actually turn that into something that is desirable, an end product which you can market and sell. That’s what sets you apart, that’s what makes us different in terms of our creativity. It’s that desire, spark, passion to want to achieve something. They may be some ideas along the way which may not work out, but it’s about persevering and acting on those ideas and eventually creative success will happen.

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