If You Make It, They Won’t (Necessarily) Come

I know it’s been a few weeks since I posted anything on my blog, so apologies for being such a bad blogger. I try to post something at least once a week but sometimes seven days have flown by and I’ve still got lots to do. It seems that when you are self employed, especially in a creative business, there are always things that you haven’t managed to do. It’s one thing to have to juggle the myriad of new creative thoughts and ideas you want to execute; but, for the most part, the day to day running of a business takes over. Both are equally important – if you weren’t making new things you wouldn’t need to do the necessary marketing for them. Likewise, what is the point of creating something if you aren’t going to market it? People have to know it’s there and have to find it; it would be great if you could telepathically ‘shout it out’ to millions of people! In business, as in life, it’s about striking a balance, but a balance that works for you. Some days may be just for creating, others for admin or a mix of the two. Whatever works for you, the most important thing is to enjoy what we do as if we don’t our creative reserves will feel depleted and that will be seen in the end product.

Balance is tough to achieve, but don’t forget to have fun. As a great philosopher once said, “You gotta keep it loose, you gotta keep it tight”. Right?

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