“It’s not enough to be good”

“It’s not enough to be good. It’s not enough to be doing the same things as your competitors. You have to do something different”, says Megan Visser on www.handmadeology.com/its-not-enough-to-be-good – and it’s so true.  There are so many great artists and craft makers out there, each showing their wares locally, nationally or worldwide.  You have got to somehow make your products or brand stand out otherwise they can very easily get lost.

Customer service is great, but first you need customers before getting to this stage! You have to think about your target market and what they would want.  Offer them diversity but still keep your design asthetic.  Keep an underlying style that sets your work apart, you signature as it were.  This is what will keep customers coming back and telling others about you.

But how can you do this if no-one knows about you? You have to tell the world about your work. Dont underestimate the power of social media and how it can help your business. The world is our market place now and theres never been a better time to sell your work. Times have changedleaflets and business cards arent as important as a good web presence and Twitter account. Yes, it’s another thing to learn, it’s like a language of it’s own and I am still getting to grips with it.   But for those who do will find they not only build their sales, but accelerate them.

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1 Response to “It’s not enough to be good”

  1. Very true. I haven´t made it as far as twitter yet, but I can see it is inevitable I will have to soon.

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